Why choose our services

We see monuments and graves as a sign of respect for loved ones. They are a decoration at the final resting places and create a space where we return to the past in our memories. In every detail of our work, from initial advice to care, our clients appreciate this approach. 

Our graves and monuments do not crack!

A grave or a monument is not built for a few years. We are fully aware of this fact and responsibility for the quality of work. That’s why we offer several types of high-quality granite, originating from South Africa, India, Portugal and Italy, at different price levels. We will prove to you that a quality grave or monument does not have to be expensive.

Our work does not end with handing over the monument and grave

We will be happy to help you with its maintenance. We will advise best practices on how to keep the final resting place in the best condition so that you are as satisfied with our work as previous clients.

In the event of death, we will also provide for the uncovering and covering of the grave site free of charge. We are an honest stonemasonry and our good name is all we have. We do not risk your trust and we will be happy to convince you of this.